2005 Ford 500 - Doesn't Like Drive Thru

OK, this is a strange one. Solid running Ford, no error lights. In the heat of the summer it developed a trend that if you idled for to long at a drive thru it would start surging in power. RPMS, etc., would climb. I eventually just replaced the throttle body.

Now, it doesn’t “surge” at a drive thru; but if waiting in line for awhile it will just die. It doesn’t want to start but if you can get it started and into gear fine, it is fine and straight and normal. In all cases, the temp gauge shows nothing other then normal midline readings.

Again, no lights or similar symptoms for normal day to day driving.


The crankshaft position sensor may be effected by heat, causing the engine to shut off.


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Stop going to drive thru. Prepare your food at home because there is less chance of getting COVID. :smile:


That’ll fix the problem with the car.


Drive thru seems to amplified every noise a car makes. Maybe its been like that for a longtime but he never noticed it.

That’s not an option for some people. Here is a comprehensive list of everything my father knew how to cook:


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I used to know a guy who was pampered by his parents for their entire life, and who claimed that he didn’t even know how to make a sandwich. I said to him, You really want me to believe that, even though you earned a Master’s Degree in European languages, you are unable to figure out how to put slices of meat and/or cheese between two slices of bread?

Trust me… when the time finally came for him to fend for himself, he figured out the… complexity… of making sandwiches, and he even learned how to cook some simple dishes.

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Well to be fair, nothing about Dad’s life was pampered. He was separated from his family at 12 and spent the next 3 years in a wartime interment camp with little more than the clothes on his back and his wits, so I have no doubt about his ability to fend for himself. He went on to be fluent in three languages, a business owner successful in his trade, and spent his final working years as a college lecturer teaching his trade.

But though he loved to eat, cooking was something he never, ever did. When I was a kid Mom could put together dinner on plates, leave a note that said “microwave for 5 minutes” and he would look at that and say “come on, we’re going out.” When I was a 19 year old kid I was packing up cookware and he said “Why don’t you just go to a restaurant or diner to eat or get take-out?”

He was the same way about cars. He would change a tire or a headlight and top off the oil and coolant, but anything further than that he would take the car to the garage because “those guys can do it better and faster”. And now I’m one of those guys.

Oh, I forgot. He could also make instant coffee. :grinning:

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I told a friend how to make chicken soup and he was amazed. No, it wasn’t canned.

I’m afraid this topic has become hijacked. To clarify, it would perform the same if going through a salad or sushi dtivethru.

Any other ideas related to the symptom? I read one post suggesting computer reprogram.

I don’t know anyone that makes their own sushi. Everyone I know gets carry out. I certainly do. I can’t decide which one to go to. There are two in the same grocery store. I haven’t been to another grocery a couple miles farther away, and I’m sure they have at least two.

I would check out the fuel system pressure to see if it is weaker at idle speed. I assume it is an electric pump and the charge voltage will be lower at idle speed so the pump pressure will be less also. If the pump pressure is already weak that may explain the issue. Check the fuel filter also and replace it first to see if that helps before replacing the pump.

I have no comments about food or its preparation.