2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

The power remote door lock has quit working. This seems to be a common BCM problem I have looking at the JC Whitney Keyless entry system that scans the vehicle for codes . Will this system be able to retrieve the Door lock codes? Are there anyother keyless remote systems that will apply to my Mini Van. I tried all of the quick fixs ie remove/replace fuse, disconnect/connect ground, reflashed BCM.

Is the door lock, or unlock, the only problem? How about the door ajar indications? Does the driver’s door control over the door locks work? Is the engine a 3.3L or a 3.8L?

yes the door lock unlock is the only problem. Door ajar is ok. Engine is 3.3L

Does the driver’s door lock / unlock switch work? Is the problem only unlock with the remote; or, does it fail to lock with the remote?

Driver door lock un lock switch does not work and the remote does not lock or unlock

Do the other doors’ lock / unlook SWITCHES work? If none of them work, the BCM (Body Control Module) would be at fault. If only one, the door lock switch / ciruitry.

I know the BCM is bad. I asked in my original post if a after market [JC Whitney] Key remote that learns the codes from the the vehicle would work. The kit uses the original door acuators