Central Locking is Glitchy on 2004 325iT BMW


Had this car for two years and I love it, but the central locking has been a bit glitchy since I bought it.

Sometimes it works perfectly for weeks.

Sometimes it unlocks the driver door just fine, but a second click of the button won’t open the other doors.

On a couple of occasions (today was the second time) it won’t unlock any door. If I use the keyhole in the driver door to unlock that door, I have to hold the key to force the lock to stay up while I pull open the door with the other hand. If I let go of the key, it relocks itself.

After I manually unlocked and opened the driver door, I reached in and pressed the button on the console. It would not unlock the doors.

This car has only one door keyhole, the one on the driver door.

Locking always works on all doors, and it locks the doors itself as it should as I take off down the street.

When it is misbehaving, it misbehaves with either key and the console button does not work either, so I am pretty sure the problem not the transmitter.

If it always behaved as it did today, I would suspect that the microswitch in the driver door was shorting, and telling the system that the key was in the door and turned full right all the time. However, that would not explain why the usual failure is to open the driver door but not the others.

Where is the receiver for the remote lock control?


Methinks you need to skin that drivers door…and see if your Rods and pawls and other bits are free to do their job… I am trying to recall how my BMW works…it COULD BE that a micro switch in the door is not working…in the drivers door lock mechanism…got to skin the door to get to it…maybe something slipped off or a clip broke etc…happens all the time

Wait… Have you gone to the trunk button lately to lock and unlock LOL Do you have a trunk pushbutton ?..this may be the weird feature that I have on my BMW…if you lock the trunk…and pull the key in a certain position…it changes the way the locks work… But mine is older than yours…

You need to be on the Bimmerforum for BMW heads

Thanks. No keyhole in the rear door of the wagon.

I know what you mean about the weird lock modes on BMWs. I have owned a couple of '97 328s for a decade. They don’t even have remotes, but they have lock, double-lock, master key lock, trunk master key lock, lock-someone-inside-so-they-cannot-get-out, etc. I have never gotten those completely figured out. Sometimes I miss my '49 Chevy pickup. Love the cars though.

I am on several BMW forums, and I often help others with their BMW problems there. However, I have found that when I have a problem, I invariably get far more knowledgeable and helpful answers here than on any BMW forum.

LOL>…Yeah I know what you mean… I think what you are saying is that it has an issue with knowing about what lock status IS at the moment… If you have to force the key and pull the handle…then it doesn’t know that the key was turned electronically…and that is either a micro switch AT the door lock tumbler mech (on the inside of the door) OR its in the actual latch mechanism…it doesn’t know you are turning the lock…and the only way it knows that is via a switch…don’t you think?

Be nice to see the mechanisms in the door and latch etc…Lets log onto AutoZone to see if they show an exploded view of the door lock stuff…They have FREE repair manuals online to view… I will look into it with you as well…There is another place I can go for exploded views also


Know what I just thought about? Have you tried to pull back the boot where the door hinges and unplugging and re-plugging in the main wire harness that goes from the car body out to the door? Maybe a corroded connection not letting the ecu know that the door lock has been turned? WOrth a shot…and its EZ…who knows…if that doesnt do it…its gotta be at the lock or latch in the door