2005 CR-V AWD Automatic. Red fluid from 'Final Drive'?

Need some help… Just got an oil change in South Dakota… 3200 miles from home or so… the guys at the lube n go said that there is a red fluid leaking from what they called the final drive. They didn’t seem very knowledgeable about what was happening. Transmission fluid and power steering fluid are full. Could this be the front differential fluid? If so, how do I check it? AND how serious is it/what sort of repair bill am I looking at?

Sitting at an internet cafe posting this hoping I can get an answer quick! If you’re out there you’re help will be greatly appreciated!

2005 CR-V AWD 2.4L Automatic transmission 70,000 miles.

My 2000 tranny fluid is RED, pwr.steering is clear.

Automatic transmission fluid is usually what’s leaking when you see red.

The owner’s manual should have instructions for checking ALL fluids, including differentials, although it might involve tools.

Are you sure they weren’t just trying to sell you something you didn’t need?

If the transmission or either of the differentials is leaking, you should be able to see it be looking under the vehicle.

This may be a relatively common problem with CRVs. My GF and I test drove a 2003. I looked under it like I always do when test driving anything, and saw a transmission fluid leak in exactly the same spot you describe.