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Oil or Transmission Fluid?

I have a puddle in my garage how do I tell if it is oil or transmission fluid?

it is fairly simple if it is red it is transmission fluid if it is gold or black then it is oil

More information, please!

It would help if you told us the make, model, and model year of this vehicle. As just one example of why this information is important, late model Toyotas use a red coolant, so the old wisdom about red fluid being transmission fluid is no longer an absolute.

Unless you give us more information, the answers that you get may not necessarily be helpful.

Do You Have A Puppy Or Is This Where You Park The Car?

Automatic or manual transmission? The car, that is! Is it hot enough where you live to be running air conditioning in your car?

Automatic transmission fluid is pink or red, unless it’s really dirty.

Used oil is black and has a heavier consistency than automatic transmission fluid.

Manual transmission lube can be of several different types, so without knowing what you drive it’s hard to say.

You can get a better idea on color by putting a white paper towel down.

It could be water if you have been running the air conditioner. What is the year, make, and model?

Pull out the engine oil dipstick out and compare the oil on it to your puddle. Do the same with the transmission dipstick.