Manufacturer's Recommended Differential Fluid

I drained and re-filled the differential fluid on my 2005 Honda Pilot. It has 90,000 miles and I believe it was the first time it was done. Fluid looked good, clear red. I replaced it with 80W-90 differential fluid from the local autoparts store.

I now have a tinny-like vibration coming from the engine right at 2,000 RPM. But of course the differential is at the back of the car.

My girlfriend give me a dirty look everytime the car passes 2,000 rpm’s. Did I make a mistake by not using the differential fluid supplied / recommended by the manufacturer?

Transmission fluid is typically red, differential fluid is not. typically differentials do not have a drain. enlighten us.

It Sounds Like You Answered Your Own Question. What Did The Owner’s Manual Specify For Fluid ?

The differential case has a drain at the bottom facing the rear, and a fill at the top, again facing towards the rear. Pull both to drain. Once empty replace the bottom plug and fill diff oil in through the top plug until it’s just short of overflowing. Pretty simple.

So you think I’m ok with the 80W-90 diff fluid?

The owner’s manual spec’d Honda VTM-4 Differential fluid.

That is some differential. Follow the specs

Well, when you put it that way…Great point!


Yep, change it immediately. You may still notice some problems, if so change it again.