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2001 sts cad

leaking red fluid near tire on drivers side. Mostly when AC is running. 2 mechanics have looked n cannot stop it. Has 108,000 miles n does use coolant when AC is running. Love my car but not it’s messy leak

Find a mechanic who is competent, and have him trace and repair the leak.

(Can’t give you much more than this with the information you have given us. Feel free to post a more detailed question if you want a more detailed answer).

+1 to Shadow’s comments.

There are ways (dyes) to find even the most elusive leaks.

Check your transmission fluid level. ATF is red.

By the way, you said 2 mechanics can’t stop the leak.
Does that mean an unsuccessful repair was performed?
Does than mean the guys don’t even know what the source of the leak is?

“n does use coolant when AC is running” . . . what does that mean?

Does your “n” mean “and” ?

This leak could have very expensive consequences.

If the red liquid is transmission fluid, driving the car until the transmission is empty will result vastly more expensive repair than if you have it towed to a competent repair shop before the level gets seriously low. Similar story if it’s coolant, just a different kind of severe damage.

If it’s power steering fluid and the fluid is depleted, power steering would disappear and the car will be impossible to steer, which if it happened at high speed or in traffic could easily result in…well you get the idea I hope.

Have you determined if the fluid is oily, or if it has a sweet coolant type odor? Are you capable of checking the fluids yourself: transmission, power steering, coolant? (do not open radiator on hot engine!). If you are not, just get the car towed to a reputable shop. It will be much cheaper in the long run.

power steering would disappear and the car will be impossible to steer, which if it happened at high speed

This is a common myth. Power steering is only useful at low speeds. At high speeds, you can turn the wheel without power steering easily. Loss of power steering will not be a factor in high speed (>10mph) situations.

I own a caddy. I can confidently say no repair on the trans will be cheap. The OP infers the leak is not drizzling down wheel so it probably is not brake fluid. I am thinking driver side axle seal? Unless a cat crawled inside engine compartment and committed harakiri. I rarely hear of the trans side pan gasket leaking. Maybe the trans bottom pan gasket?

How about the transmission cooling lines to the radiator . Or the Power Steering cooler line? Those wouldn’t cost much.