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2005 Chrysler Pacifica Key Fob issues

My Key Fob died and when I leave the vehicle I lock the doors from the inside. When I open with my key the alarm goes off until I insert the key and turn on the vehicle. This is a major pain.

I have 2 keys, I thought maybe it was a battery issue so I changed both battery’s. Still not change. I went to a mechanic and he programmed both remotes again. Still the key fob would not work.

What could the issue be, new battery’s, programmed remotes and still not working to unlock the door, hatch, or lock the doors.

What can I fix to resolve this issue.

2005 Pacifica Touring

If I recall correctly, the remote functions of my '04 Pacifica were managed by the Body Control Module. I don’t know if a new BCM for a 14 year old Pacifica is available. It might be tough to even find a used one as the Pacifica sold in very limited numbers. is my go-to place when I have specific problems on my then 1999 Plymouth Voyager and now 2007 Chrysler Town and Country. The site is devoted to Chrysler brands and has several active discussion groups.

Good luck and please let us know.

is this factory alarm or aftermarket alarm?

No alarm is mentioned - but one could be there, and a factor.

This is what I am going off of. :slight_smile:

Duh on me. I thought of how the horn honks when I press the lock button more than twice for my Chrysler minivan, which has no alarm (as in antitheft) system. It’s a single small quick beep. I don’t think of that as an alarm system. I never get a continuous sound out of the horn unless I am pressing the horn spot on the steering wheel - but the OP seems to be getting that. Maybe the OP could clarify the matter of alarm system.

The Pacifica had a standard factory installed alarm system.

Check the Body control module for fault “PCI internal fault”, if that fault is found there is a BCM software update available to correct this.

The mechanical key will not disarm the alarm system, the is no disarm switch on the door lock cylinder. Rather than using the power door lock switch to lock the doors use the manual door lock knob, that way the alarm won’t be armed and won’t sound off when you unlock the door.


This is a factory alarm on my 05 Pacifica, when I lock the doors on the inside manually and go to open the door with the key it sets off the alarm.

Thats right, however am still trying to find a way to deactivate the system, seems like its built to not deactivate

Have you asked at They have a minivan/Pacifica discussion group.