Stalling Malibu

I have a problem with my 2005 Chevy Malibu stalling after I fill it up with gas.(3.5 V6) When I fill up I usually lock the nozzle in or just hold it on, and when it stops, I don?t add any more gas. I tried the low grade and the medium grade gas and different brands of gas, it still stalls after a fill-up. It will stall in less than a minute after I drive away and up to almost 10 minutes later. The last time I filled up it stalled 12 times within 5 minutes. It starts right up, and goes after the stall and will run and then stalls or keep going for awhile. After the 3- 12 stalls after fill-up, it runs fine for the rest of the tank, until I fill it up again. This does it about 95% of the fill-ups, once in awhile I get lucky. Could it be the charcoal canister or the evap system?

The charcoal canister is one part of the evap system, and yes that system is likely.

The next time you get gas try only filling it to about 3/4 tank rather than all the way full. See what happens. If that helps then you may need a new vent valve for the system. The valve may be letting raw fuel into the evap system rather than gas fumes only.

Is the check engine light on?

No check engine light on. had Autozone check for pending codes…none there.
I filled up today and only pumped it slowly instead of full. No problem. Could just be a coincedence. will try again at another station next time.