2005 Chrysler 300C Steering Column

Had LOF at 21K miles 10 days ago-car purchased new. Next time I drove my car the tilt steering wouldn’t go up or down or work automatically entering or exiting. It does telescope without problems although I need to flip tilt/telescope stalk switch to stop clicking noise coming from column. Returned to dealer and they performed a “Flash” procedure. That did not correct the problem. I was informed that I needed to have entire steering column replaced to correct this problem. I had this problem with a new 1980 Buick and the steering column was replaced. The car was never the same again with various electrical problems. I really do NOT want to revisit nor repeat this horror. If this is to be done I am really concerned about removal and replacement of the column and the wear on the interior (especially the dash etc).

I would get a second opinion before I started “revisiting the horror”. Can the column be set in a acceptable position to still be able to drive the car? This has got to be a $1000.00 plus repair whats the car worth? Any thought on bailing on this one?

Thanks for the reply… Yes, column can be moved to allow driving which I am doing. You’re right on with repair cost and do not know what it’s worth. No, haven’t considered bailing–have enjoyed driving it (it’s a monster on the hwy). Not ready to give up.

Just because an incompetent dealer mechanic botched the repair on your Buick, doesn’t mean you can necessarily expect the same if you get your steering column replaced on this car. Good luck.

Thanks for the understanding, comment and encouragement.