2004 Chevrolet Malibu Steering Column Problems


My Chevy Malibu has had the steering column replaced due to a “clunking” sound when coming out of a low speed turn. This problem caused other problems and several hundred dollars worth of repairs. After it was fixed 2000 miles later the problem is happening again and the car is no longer under warranty.

Can anyone shed light on this problem and/or solutions???


Gladly. Was your “fix” just a lube of the steering column? A lot of Chevys have this problem, and they’re finding the lube doesn’t work - parts need to be replaced. Have you seen technical service bulletin 01-02-32-001H, dated 2/22/07? I’ve been battling my dealer over this for years - they identified the problem long before the warranty expired and this bulletin basically states lubing doesn’t work. They finally admitted there’s something wrong - next step is to convince them not to charge. This really should be a recall, but they don’t want the publicity.


What other related problems showed up?


I think you should have a warranty on the repair done. So take it back and tell them to fix it right, since the original fix did not work-just be nice!


I have a 2005 impala with this same clicking noise. Dealer drove it and said they couldn’t hear it.Very stupid they won’t do anything about it.It’s out of warranty now.


If a repair attemt was made while in warrany then by all means they should cover it now that it is just out. If the dealer gives you a problem over this get the factory involved by calling the chevy 800 number