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Steering wheel fell to the floor

My steering wheel fell off. The bolts popped out of the tilt causing the steering wheel to fall. The housing that holds the tilt is broken. Do I need to change the whole column? Or can I just change the tilt housing.

Thats the only thing I could find.

That just shows about the wobbling. The metal case that holds the tilt pins broke. I am trying to find out If I just change that housing.

You have to go to a wrecker yard because the steering parts for your vehicule are no longer available. All I could find was a site that shows a part diagram for the steering column.What year was your vehicule made?

The steering column has to be replaced with one from a local auto recycler.


Yep, I’d guess you’ll need to buy a steering column from a wrecking yard and figure out how to replace it. Probably easier to replace the whole thing than the specific parts. Shouldn’t be too hard to find, they made LOTS of Cavaliers/Sunfires. You might look on

We found the column just having problems getting it out. Just did a mustang but this one is totally different.harder

@Tester - what is the online source for factory repair instructions? A short-term subscription might have the info needed to do this, without too much $$.

edit - see Tester’s comment below.


How does that compare to alldata?

We in auto repair call it nodata.


Good to know!