2005 Chevy Malibu Maxx radio fuse question


My battery recently died and in the process of replacing it, I think the fuse to the radio/clock etc blew. I can not find my owner’s manual and am wondering if anyone knows which fuse is involved. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Fuses “blow” when their amperage rating is exceeded.Replacing a battery does not cause this condition.But your question is “wheres the radio fuse” if its not marked on the cover of the fuse panel/box you could simply check them all.This is simple…if you know what your doing.Probably a end of dash fuse panel and a under hood fuse/relay box.GM is good at marking their fuses.Must admit I dont know the term “Maxx” in regards to GM fuses. There are several power distribution fuses known as Maxi fuses these are in the 50 amp (red in color)range and these are under the hood,these fuses are so big you can easily see if they are blown.you would have more trouble than just the radio not working if one of these was blown. Is Maxx the model of Malibu you have?.Or is Maxx a type of aftermarket high-end audio system fuse?


The Malibu Maxx was a hatchback/wagon variant of the Malibu sold for a few years. It was apparently too practical for the American car buyer, so the body style was discontinued when the Malibu was redone last year. It has nothing to do with the type of fuse or audio system.

To the OP: I highly recommend getting a replacement owner’s manual.


Thanks - I will check out the fuses. I appreciate the input. The term Maxx is a variant of the Malibu. It is unfortunate that it was discontinued b/c it is a great car.