No power to radio after putting battery in wrong


I put a new battery ($52.00)in wrong (with the help of my daughter’s boyfriend),l turned the key and instantly knew it was WRONG. Took it to the dealer after I ran the battery down (fusible link gone bad). They said my new battery was bad and replaced it with their new $200.00 battery!. They finally replaced fuse and took their battery out and put mine back in after I argued with them. When I agian told them the AC, radio, defrosters wouldn’t work, they found another relay that was bad, replaced that and everything except the radio works now. Did I totally burn out the electrical to the radio? HELLLLLPPPPP. Thank you for any advice you can give (already had a talk with the boyfriend).


Hopefully it’s just a fuse. Some radios have a small fuse installed in the radio itself. Can you easily remove the radio and look at the back?


find the fuse panel. usually located under the drivers side dash, or on the left side panel of the foot well, near where your left knee rests when driving.

look for the radio fuse. pull it out. if you have a spare fuse swap it, and see if that cures your problem.


I have the Kenwood radio where the faceplate comes off. Do I need to take the back off the faceplate to check for the fuse? I have checked all fuses inside the care and did replace the radio fuse even though it looked okay.


Most modern car radios come with their own fuse, often inserted in the radio chassis itself. You can only access it by pulling out the radio and examining its backside. This sounds like a nuisance but it may turn out to be a cheap fix. Let us hope so.