2005 Chevy Classic race car conversion

ok so i am turning a 2005 Chevy Classic in to a USRA Tuner race car. I have gutted the car. i cut a wire harness on passenger rear kick and now the car won’t start. Would anyone know what i need to rewire to get her running again? Also would anyone know how to wire the car with a push button start, kill switch, and what i can eliminate or wire around to keep the car running?

You are asking an impossible question. Being that the car is gutted and a wire harness sliced open someone would just about have to be hands on to sort it out. And if you have to pay someone to sort it out…likely expensive.

IF the car was running before you cut the harness on the passenger rear then reconnect it. A guess in the dark could be that you cut a fuel pump lead.

Push button start and kill switch could be figured out without too much difficulty but it needs to be running in stock, original form first.
With the car, wiring schematic, and time I could sort it out but that gets into the old time is money situation. A shop would likely not and could not even provide an estimate. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Probably the fuel pump.

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Do what I did.

Hot wire the fuel pump (temporarily) and see if that is the problem.

Wire the kill switch such that it is between the battery and the rest of the car, but kills the power from the alternator. I forget how to do that, but your kill switch should come with instructions

And the push button start just goes between the relay and the some place hot - like the kill switch.


I know exactly what you need to do. Repair the wires you cut.


i can’t do that. this is going to be a race car. we have to eliminate as much as possible.

So nobody on you “team” knows how to trace wires? To install a push for the starter and a couple of switches? To be honest I think that’s going to be a very problematic car. Or a money pit if you have to sub out the work.


Yeah, if you’re having trouble with step one of 359…


thanks for your help

i am my team. thanks

Have you put together a step-by-step plan on what you need to do? What systems have to be in place to make the race car work? How they’ll be powered? You’ve tackled a big project, LOTS of planning is needed to make it happen. And you’ll need the electrical diagnostic tools to work out the wiring problems. Modern cars are a real pain, they’re all interconnected with computers affecting a lot of circuits.

Any way to leave the stock wiring in place (after repairing it) and just modifying the other parts of the car as needed? Bypass things if you have to. Otherwise, you’ll need to learn exactly what wires have to stay (or be duplicated) and which ones can be ripped out.

great suggestion. thanks.

By “won’t start”, what do you mean exactly? Does it crank ok, but won’t catch and run? Or won’t it crank at all?

I rewired my Corolla for a push-to-start switch. I also installed a lighted “arm” off/on rocker switch, so I could disable the pushbutton, to avoid accidentally pressing it when the engine was already running. What you are describing is probably possible on your Chevy. To get started you’ll need the car’s wiring schematic & someone to assist w/ electronics knowledgeable technical expertise. I wouldn’t advise this without that sort of help, b/c it is possible to badly damage the engine or even set the car on fire if done incorrectly.

yes the car cranks. but won’t start. almost like i lost the fuel relay or pump. just not sure which wires go to those items.

i work with low voltage everyday for work. getting the schematics seems to be a project within itself. i understand it is a big project. really all i need is fuel, fire, power brakes and power steering.

But the car’s computer controls these, so it’s not so simple to make fire happen.

Is the fuel pump running while the car is cranking? You may need someone to assist while you listen for a “humming” sound, from under the car near the fuel pump.

Haynes publishes a repair manual including wiring schematics

i understand that. i’m not an idiot. i was just looking for maybe an easy answer before i got the volt meter out and started tracking the short. thanks for your input.

The first step is determining whether the cause for the cranks ok but won’t catch and run problem is lack of spark, or lack of fuel.

Pay money

that is is the answer

If you’re willing to pay a fee, you can access the GM technical website, which will give you access to those wiring diagrams and much more

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