Electrical problems?

Hi! I drive an 05 Chevy Classic (that’s an '04 Malibu made in '05), and it’s never given me problems (though I’ve only had it about 2 years).
This morning, I can’t get it going. The engine turns over when I turn the key (though some of the time it takes several moments), but then as soon as I let go of the key, the engine dies. I tried giving it gas, but this doesn’t seem to make a difference.
After a couple of tries I noticed that the dashboard lights weren’t coming on. They usually all light up while the starter runs, and I can at least get them to light most of the time when the key is turned to “on”. None of this works. The power windows will open and close when I have the key turned to on, so the electrical system works somewhat.
Can anyone help me?

Sounds like it could be as simple as a fuse, see print. Or it could be you ignition switch is bad. Lastly the PCM feeds the lights, but I don’t think it would run at all if the PCM was dead.

Good advice from @knfenimore. Power to fuse J needs to be checked.

Good advice above. Another thing to consider is that the car’s fuel pump may only run if the engine is detected as rotating. Sometimes this detection is done one way during cranking, and another when it is running. It may be that the fuel pump stops as soon as you turn the key from “start” to “on” as the ECM thinks the engine isn’t rotating. A faulty crank sensor is possibility as a cause.

Also, make sure you aren’t missing something obvious. A car that has started fine for some time, then becomes hard to start, the first questions are

  • Is the CEL on?
  • Are there any pending DTC codes?
  • Is all the routine engine maintenance suggested in the owner’s manual up to date?

I have a issue with my turn signals. Depending on the weather, how hot or cold, will depend on whether they work or not. The hotter the temp the less likely they will work. What would cause this and what do i do??

Check the emergency flasher switch. The turn signal circuit usually passes through that.

Cougar, I have a 04 classic with 2.2 in it. I do find that when i push in the flasher switch i could usually get then to work. How do i replace the switch. Can i do it myself???

You should be able to replace the switch without much trouble I would think. I’m not familiar with your car though. Try cycling the switch a number of times to see if that cleans the contacts. You might not need to replace it.

Ok thank you