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2005 Chevy Classic, chirping from tire only when I first start driving

157k miles. The other day I noticed a chirping that sounds like it’s coming from my back driver side tire. It happens when I first back out of my driveway and sometimes when I turn left off my street, and that’s it. It’s a squeak squeak squeak in time with the speed of my tire rotating. But during the day when its significantly warmer outside, theres no tire chirping whatsoever. When I back out, when I turn, nothing. Aside from this there’s no issues. Everything sounds and feels normal. No lights lit up on my dash.

Closest I can come up with is a wheel bearing going bad but I hear no roaring or anything unusual while driving. Is there something more likely it could be?

Your Malibu Classic has drum brakes in the rear.An accumulation of dust might be the cause of your squeeking.If you are able to do the work yourself,remove the drum and spray aerosol brake cleaner on everything including the inside of your drum. Check the shoes for thickness and drum for any rough spots.On a last note, never press the brake pedal while the drum is off because the wheel cylinder will shoot out and start to leak…a much bigger job.

do you have disk brakes on the bake. that chirp may be the brake pad hitting the rotor the rotor may be just a small bit out of round enough to cause that chirping. the pads have a sounding tang on them to give a bit of a warning the pads are about to damage the rotors.

only other thing you can do is move the tire to see if the chirping moves with the tire.

The malibu has drum brakes in the rear.

Why would you ’ bake ’ disk brakes anyway ?

Try swapping the front tires with the rears.

If the noise moves with the tires, a tire with a belt separation can make a chirping noise.