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Chevy venture 99

Woke up to two new noises today; the first one sounds a bit like chirping while in drive & stops when the brake is depressed. The second is in reverse only sounds like a rear tire issue “cranking noise” any help is welcomed.

The chirping noise might be from the front brake pad wear indicators.

These are metal tabs on the brake pads that come in contact with the brake rotors when the pads wear to a certain point.

The cranking noise from the rear might be from a tire with a belt separation.


The reverse problem could be from the transmission too, especially if its an automatic. Check the transmission fluid level. If your Venture is all wheel drive, could be related to the power train for that in the rear too. I’ve had a rrr rrr rrr sort of sound on my 4WD truck when a rear u-joint is starting to fail. In my case it happens in both D and R though.