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Brake Squeak

I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic. It has been a great, reliable car and has about 70,000 miles on it. I perform all regular maintenance on it that the owners manual recommends (oil changes, appropriate tire maintenance, and transmission flush, and that’s about it). In April I paid about $20 to have a mechanic take a look over my car and do checklist. The only issue was a small axel seal needed to be replaced, not a big deal.

The past few weeks after applying the brake a small squeak occurs. It is not when I apply the brake, rather it is when I release the brake when it occurs. It is quite quiet. You can’t really hear it if the radio is on (and I don’t mean when its blaring). One last note, if I release the brake really slowly, it won’t occur. But, if I use the brake like any normal person would it does make that squeak.

Does anyone know what would cause the brake to do this? Should it be something that gets checked/repaired since they just looked at my brakes in April and it’s not too loud?

is the squeak coming from the brakes (outside) or is it coming from under the dashboard?

Maybe the pivot point for the brake pedal needs to be lubricated.

It sounds to me like it is coming from the brakes outside.