Chirp / squeaking - left front wheel

2015 / 1500 5.3L:
When driving over 20 mph this squeaking / chirping noise coming from left front wheel. Brakes don’t change it. It gets faster as I go faster. It suddenly will stop for days even weeks then come back. And it’s quite loud. I’ve just had the hub assembly replaced and 20 minutes into the drive home it started. Every time I take it to a shop the noise won’t happen… I honestly feel crazy! No weird stealing issues- brakes I’m told are good. I have a video … the wind is a little loud but if you turn it up you can hear it chirping. Any advise or help is appreciated.

Sorry I cannot hear the noise in your video. but sound does travel so I will leave you with this…

MC-10161036-9999.pdf (

I presume this is a truck. Rear wheel drive or 4WD?

Sorry yes this is a truck - 4x4 z71.

I own an older 4WD Ford truck. The only time I’ve heard that sort of sound, it was in 2WD mode, & caused by the rear driveshaft u-joint needing a little lube. It’s hard to tell where the sound is coming from, but I hear it much better if it reflects off something then back to me in the driver’s seat, like if there’s a panel van driving along side, or one of those concrete lane-divider barriers.

Have you compared the sound in 4WD vs 2WD? Coasting vs in gear?

Replacing a hub assembly usually means the bearing is worn.

And if the bearing is worn, it means the rotor has run-out relative to the brake pads.


This can cause the brake pads/rotor to wear unevenly. Depending how long the vehicle is driven under this condition.

Then when the run-out is corrected by replacing the bearing/hub assembly, the brake pads/rotor don’t contact each other correctly, and you get brake noise.


It does not change in 2x4 vs 4x4.
It’s very inconsistent. It has no identifier as to what causes it to start or stop. Truck can be warm or cold. It can do it all day ( or for multiple ) then stop suddenly. Coast and drive - same thing.

Interesting. From the naked eye or a visual / hand inspection they can appear fine - but really they have some warping or tilt potentially?

When my truck’s u-joint squeaks, it squeaks in both drive and coasting, but easier to hear when coasting. If your squeak continues unabated, unchanged after you press on the brake pedal, a brake-cause seems unlikely imo.