2005 Cadillac XLR needs a back taillight assembly

I need a back tail light assembly for the left side of my car.

A dealer should be able to order one if they don’t have it in stock. Or you could try a junkyard. Or eBay.

Thanks but the dealer already said that parts for that car are no longer produced. Already checked junk yards…no one “junks” these cars.

eBay has them but be prepared to pay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=2005+cadillac+xlr+left+taillight&_trksid=m5467.l1311&_odkw=2005+cadillac+xlr+taillight

Dang, I’ve bought running driving cars for less then what these tail lights cost.

Junk yards are just as expensive

Thanks for that website! Yes, but the car was fun BEFORE some of the LED’s went out. Now I just want to get rid of it.
I appreciate your help!

I just checked hemmings.com the entire car is selling for $16,000 - $26,000.

It looks like there are companies that will repair/rebuild the taillight for around $600, I would assume that it if the lens assembly is damaged it probably can’t be rebuilt.

From the XLR forum’s it sounds like a professional rebuilder would have a better result than some owners attempts with Ebay Led’s

Car-Part.com led me to many of the same sources. Prices ranging from $900 up to $3,000 for one that had been tested. Salvage yards are the only resource for these parts for an XLR at this point.

You probably don’t want to know what a radiator costs for this car…

NOPE!!! Maybe I should start selling it part by part! Thanks for the resources…


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It’s just a couple or three LED lights that need to be replaced…The car, otherwise, is in excellent condition. The odometer just turned 42,000 miles. I appreciate all of the input!


If you are in a position to do so that would be your best bet.