Tail Light problem

I have a problem with the left Tail Light in my Outlander SE 2015.
Water somehow, someway got to my light, froze in the winter, causing the signal bulb to go out as well as the small red led on the side of that light.
My mechanic changed the bulb for me, turn signal is back, but its blinking way faster and not as bright as the right one.
Mechanic saying its because of the led gone bad.
My Dealership is blaming me saying that the burnt led caused the “flooding” and I should have come to them so they would change my bulb (the signal one). Well I didnt feel like paying them $50 for small bulb and drive 50 miles to them, I have 2 special needs children, lets say I dont have time to waste half a day.
Anyway Mitsubishi as Mitsubishi company was involved, I have never heard from anybody since February (dealership was closed due to virus etc).
They initially wanted to charge me $500 for new tail light (I am talking about dealership)
I am looking on ebay, tail lights are not that expensive, but its seems they dont have led.
Now what to do? Or maybe somebody knows where I can buy a left tailight that doesnt cost 400-500bucks?
Unfortunately medical bills, medications and supplements cost a lot of money (what doesnt).
Sorry for a kinda long explanations of my problems.
I just dont want to buy a tail light without led so my turn signal will be still way quicker and weaker than the right one, why to pay 150usd for something I already have.
Any solutions?
thank you

Is this what you’re looking for?



Yes, but may of them say “led excluded”
or doesnt say that led is included
I think I will just send them a question if its unclear and see what they say.

Some pick and pull scrapyard may have one.They usually let you dismantle the part and if you are lucky the led will be there with the socket.

Yes–in theory.
I don’t know about the area where the OP lives, but in my part of The US, Mitsubishis have been virtually absent from the roads for… a long time.

Hopefully the OP can get lucky with finding the desired part in a junkyard, but when a particular make becomes as scarce as hen’s teeth, the chance of finding the desired parts in a junkyard can be… slim.