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2000 Toyota Celica Tail light cover

Hi, folks:

My girlfriend has a 2000 Toyota Celica, and one of her tail light covers broke a while back. I’m pretty sure I can replace it myself, but with the age of the part, is there any source for a used replacement? Ebay was no help, so I was hoping somebody could help me track one down. At the moment, I can’t remember which one it is, but I could replace them both if I could find a matched pair. has them for $96 a peice

I’d go These are one of the most-broken parts, it’ll be hard to find a used one.

Yeah, Rockauto is a good source for new after-market. If you want to look for used, you can go to and plug the information in for a search. The price was anywhere from $150 down to $50. You can select the region or state to search in and probably find one near by. One joker wanted $750 though so you do have to look through the list and quality.

You might just find a better price if you stop by your local auto recyclers and ask if they have any on the yard. If you phone first they’ll quote you full recycler price probably. But sometimes I discovered if just show up, and they have the part, and you are standing there with cash in your pocket, they’ll cut you a deal.