2014 Cadillac XTS - fair price

I have a 2014 Cadilac XTS V sport
My left brake light went out .
I took it to the dealer and they said they would have to change the whole tail light assembly at a cost of $870.00
After a veterans discount.
??? Doesn’t sound right to me, what say you .

What does the diagnosis say is the problem?
Is it possible it is just the bulb or socket?
Try an independent mechanic, I don’t understand why the entire assembly needs to be changed.

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LED tail lights don’t have light bulbs.


So diodes can’t have a break in the wire lieads?

Agree a 7 year old car does not need to go to the dealer an independent mechanic should be much cheaper.

An open circuit in the diodes or circuit board is the likely cause of failure, in that case the price will be $870.

It’s a nice car. It’s not a neon. Expensive parts.

Did you not notice that the reviews said it did not come with the LED lights ?

no, sorry. lack of sleep is hitting me LOL

here you go…
2013-2017 Cadillac XTS Tail Light Assembly - Action Crash GM2800259C - Left - Driver Side - PartsGeek.com

WW , that part seems to have the same problem as the other one you posted . Apparently the rear lense has a LED light but there is a separate module that has the brake and backup lights.

OK I give. its not my day today. I am having brain farts today. LOL