2005 AWD Manual Honda CRV shakes when in rev erse and sometimes from a start

Hi, we bought a 2005 5-speed Honda CRV with 75,000 miles on it. At the time, they dealer we bought it from replaced the clutch and throwout bearing, as it was part of the sale. The car has ALWAYS shook in reverse (esp. on a hill) and very intermittently when starting from a stop. Brought it back to the dealer, replaced the front stabilizer bar, and front motor mount (which was torn) and it’s not really any different. Is this just normal? We had a 2002 Subaru outback that did the same thing, never could get anyone to figure out what it was. It does NOT shudder under normal driving conditions, only in reverse and from a start. Any suggestions? My husband seems to think it could be a problem with the flywheel, but wouldn’t it shake in every gear? Thanks for any suggestion!

I agree with you that it would also likely shake in first gear. I would look at the other motor mounts and possibly the front end bushings.

That’s a good idea, looking at other forums, people also have mentioned the axles or possibly the AWD system itself, I’ll have what you suggested looked at!

You’re not talking about “clutch shudder” that occurs just as the clutch is engaging, are you?

It’s not the AWD because that doesn’t kick in unless there’s wheel spin, which you will not have on dry pavement.

You said the dealer replaced the clutch when you bought it. Sounds like it could be a problem with the clutch.

It sounds like a problems remains with the clutch. Are you certain it was actually replaced? If it was replaced, maybe they did a quick-hurry job and didn’t properly resurface the flywheel or check the run-out; i.e. the flywheel may be warped. It’s also possible appropriate attention to cleanliness wasn’t followed and oil or grease has contaminated the working surfaces so they are slipping.

Yes the shudder happens when I’m going in reverse, not all of the time, but frequently.

Yes they replaced the clutch and the throw out bearing.

If the transmission and engine mounts and associated bushings check out ok, your shop may need to remove the transmission and take the clutch apart again. It sure seems from the symptoms you describe that the clutch is a likely candidate for the cause of the shudder.

Thanks I’ll have them check it out, hopefully, it can be corrected!