92 Corolla shakes in reverse

Hi, 5 speed stick shift, first thing in the morning no problem, after driving a while it shakes in reverse and does not want to move, going forward is no problem, clutch and cv joints were replaced 4 years ago, 170k miles, any ideas ?

Time for new transmission me thinks. Actually I’m only trying to get your post back to page one from page ten during primetime so maybe someone who knows can answer. However, I am tempted to ask just how fast were you going when you shifted into reverse?

Sounds like you “lost” reverse gear being that its a 5sp. Does it go into reverse? What happens when you let the clutch out does it hunker down and try and stall? If you go forward a bit and retry does it do precisely the same thing? If it was an auto this would make more sense. But a 5sp only has issues when severe internal injuries are present…Are you sure your brakes…specifically your rear SHOES arent loose or binding in some way only in reverse direction? Have you tried or are you able to roll the car backward without it being in gear and not running? Try that I am curious… If you can its not the brake idea… Other than that a cracked off gear tooth can wedge itself in a specific gear and cause big trouble, but that is rare and usually preceeded by an accident of some sort. I suspect a brake malfunction.

Possibly a motor mount problem.

Motor mount was my first thought too.

A motor mount will not disable the vehicle from moving…

If the engine moves enough for the inner CV to pull out of the differential splines it will chatter and quit pulling the car. Of course it will eventually break the tip off the joint.