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2005 acura tl oil pressure light on dash

Hi I recently had head gasket work done on my acura tl but since I have gotten my car back it’s been worse issues I never had upon trying to repair.
For instance now I have an oil light that’s on my dash that was never there but the mechanic states he got my car in this condition due to over heating the car. I’ve never seen that light on my dash and my car never really over heated.
Also when I drive it shuts off on me in traffic or if I try to do a sharp turn while backing in reverse etc. Have to accelerate on the gas for the engine to turn over. There is no pressure in my car from what the owners manual says. I did not know what the oil pressure light meant prior to reading the owners manual. I’m afraid I may have seized my engine.
Would this be the mechanic duty to fix this issue being that he returned my car to me in this state.

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