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My car won't go in drive or reverse like it should

Hi I’m hoping someone can help me. I bought my car in August it’s a 2001 Acura Tl , in September when driving one day I put my car in park and it had been driving fine. When trying to pull off it suddenly wouldn’t going drive but only in reverse. It happened twice heading home and then the check engine light came on. I took it to a shop and had it looked at he diagnosed it and cleared the light. My car drove fine from that point on. Well yesterday it started again and I had to drive 40 min to get home. During that drive I had to stop maybe every 10 min to let my car sit because it would start dragging again as if I was in neutral. My check engine light came on again. The next morning it would not move in drive or reverse. Now it will but only when it wants and it hesitates when it does it just revs up and stalls then moves. I can’t drive it because it won’t go far before it completely locked up again. Does anyone know what that is. I did check fluids. My tcs light is on and abs

And what was his diagnosis? What was the code or codes for the check engine light? Is it a secret? Sounds to me like it could be anything from low transmission fluid to need a new transmission.

Sooo… What was the diagnosis?

It should probably be noted that your vehicle was known for transmission issues. There was even a warranty extension to 7 years/100k miles as a result.

I bought the car as is. That’s what I’m saying I still don’t know what is wrong with it. I don’t know if it’s the Tranny. All I know is what it’s doing. I got back 3 codes which are basically censors I was told. But I keep getting different results. One person said it was my Tranny going out. I haven’t a clue.

P1298, P1676, and P0730 I’m being told it’s censors mostly but different people tell me different things. All I know is I need my car I’m stuck in my yard on a fixed income with 3 children and no-one has looked at it. I’m trying to get a idea of what I’m dealing with here

What kind of shop did you take it to? You really want to bring this to a good local (non-chain) transmission shop for the best chance of an accurate diagnosis and a fairly-priced repair.

If you just bought the car, unfortunately I’d say the seller probably just dumped a car with a failing transmission on you.

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I would concentrate on P0730, at least initially, then on P1676
both suggest your transmission is in trouble
I would start from basics: checking transmission fluid level and how worn it is

I took it to the shop that works on cars for the lot I’m buying my car from. I’m actually still paying and have paid all but two payments which I have left. It’s all on me now. Well thanks for your advice looks like I’ll probably be taking another loss

Take it to an independent mechanic that doesn’t have a business relationship with the dealership. The place you’ve been taking it has a vested interest in keeping the dealership happy. They’re going to bring that place a lot more business than you are because you don’t cycle 20 cars through your collection every month. And they’re probably going to be a cheap, “whatever will make it work for the test drive” shop because any dealership that’s fooling around with 17 year old cars is probably looking to penny-pinch to absurd degrees to protect the profit margin.

If I read this correctly you have used a ’ Buy here - Pay here ’ car lot. Please don’t do that again . After you get this thing operational and paid off join a credit union if you don’t belong to one now for future loans.

thanks I’ve learned

Thank you I will definitely do that

As I checked a little bit on Acura TL transmission fluid topic, people on youtube report that fluid is very dirty once you try replacing it, it also drains only 3 quarts at a time, so even after 3-4 flushes it is still dark.

Here is a good instructional video:

Guy does not mention you are supposed to check the fluid level while on flat surface and while car is still idling, kinda “usual stuff”

You don’t check it idling on an Acura but hot and after the fans come on and go off.

Acura owners of some model years have reported transmission problems. For the TL I see according to TSB 02-027 there’s a warranty extension on its automatic transmission for problems in material or workmanship that could cause premature wear or failure. But that’s only for 8 years or so, so it wouldn’t likely apply to your car. But there may be other recalls or customer interest bulletins that still do apply so good idea to check at an Acura dealership. These programs continue w/the car, no matter who owns it usually. Don’t ask the dealership to diagnose or fix it, just ask about any programs they have to assist you. If there’s no dealership assistance available best for this age of car to have it solved by an inde mechanic, not a dealership. You may need a transmission specialist though, not just an ordinary repair shop.

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I have never seen a customer support program that applied to a 17 year old car. Don’t expect any manufacture’s support, even if you purchased the car new, which you did not.

thanks slot. Since I’m still paying a note and only had it 3 and a half months I’m probably going to either take a loss or fix it. Right now I guess I’m at replacing the transmission