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2002 Acura TL- 100k- problems- need some help

Hi,I own a 2002 Acura TL- car has 100K, i am the original owner- always maintained etc… I am having problems with the transmission- car was in accident back in 2005, and tranny was replaced…
Anyways, when i back car out and then hit it in drive, car goes to neutral. also when i drive, approach stop sign, and then accelerate, car goes to netural- dealer says need new tranny- cost is 2400 plus tax… so i was thinking of doing that but now they say there is a leak with the oil pump- i said i dont see oil leaking they say its hitting the pan, could go in a month or in a year- cost 1200 to fix… then he said the brake lines will need to be changed evenually- again 1000 or more…ball joints- they quoated me 625…

So they say they will give me 500 bucks for a trade in- this car is in really good conditiion except for the supposed problems they found…If they car wouldnt have these problems i would get the tranny fixed- but i dont know what to do- ball joints dont have to be replaced- they hvae a little play… the oil leak? I mean i have a 2000 accord that the dealer says is leaking- my private mechanic says all accords leak

what do you guys think? any advice is appreciated… i was really insulted by the 500 for the car- dealers are really somethin else

The dealer is inventing problems in order to steal your car so they can resell it for a profit. The oil pump, brake lines, and ball joints are probably fine. Run away from those shysters and don’t go back.

Go to a recommended independent local transmission shop, not a chain store, and get their advice on fixing the transmission. And do get your independent mechanic’s opinion on the ball joints, which can be a safety issue, but they may be OK.

hi, i did call up my indie mechanic- who referred me to a tranny guy- he quoted me 3K+ to do the tranny- so i think the price for the tranny is fair-

btw- dealers said since i live in New England the salt they use on the roads in the winter has been destroying brake lines, dont know if this is true

Yeah, well, I have a 1999 CRV that’s lived outdoors in New England all its life and the brake lines are fine.

If you’re worried, have your trusted mechanic check the brake lines. But don’t take the dealer’s word for it. They clearly have reason for badmouthing your car so they can buy it as cheaply as possible.

thanks and right on-i am going to have the tranny fixed- no way in hell its going for 500 bucks!