Electrical problem on a 1997 Acura TL

I have 1997 Acura TL with 54,000 miles (gift from parents!). I have noted that when I turn the steering wheel to the right the dashboard lights dim. It happened a couple of times and there is no pattern. Then last week when I turned the wheel to the right the air conditioning fan, which was on low at the time, sped up. The controls for the lights and fan are not located on the steering column or wheel. I took it to the Acura dealership that put it on the system to evaluate the transmission (at $125 per hour) but did not find anything wrong with the car in general. I know that electrical issues can be a nightmare from listening to your show so I was hoping to get a least a place to start… Thanks and love your show. Listener from Dallas.

You took your car to get the transmission “evaluated” because you had a electrical system concern?
Was there a reason for the transmission evaluation?
Trying to put this together.

The dashboard lights go through the steering column to the headlight switch. Not sure how the HVAC fan wires go through or near the steering column but I’m guessing that it does. Anyway, the steering column is rubbing against one or more wiring bundles and has worn the insulation off some of the wires. Find a good independent mechanic that is familiar with removing the steering column and have him look for the abraded wiring.

The transmission was shifting hard and asked them to look at it. They put it on their computer and ran the car (which is suppose to review all issues) but found nothing wrong. The electrical came later.