Auto repair gone wrong



I was at a kite store a couple of weeks ago, any purchase less than $20, cash only, we have a gas station that has cash price lower than card price, the guy who did my gutters offered a discount for cash or check, If the business has to pay a percentage for card purchases, why not pass the savings on to the customer.
Demanding cash makes one wonder.


Strictly voluntarily. There is no law that says one MUST display decals, although it makes sense if one wants to advertise that convenience. Also, as a merchant I do not have to take credit cards,or I can stop temporarily taking them. It’s all up to the merchant. I am not saying it makes sense…just saying


Because most merchants already have a surcharge added into their sales price. Small merchants pay between 1.5 to 2.5% of the card charge to a merchant processing center or their bank. Each time a card is rejected for any reason the merchant still has to pay a fee that ranges between $.50 and $1.50. If your store is in a “lousy” neighborhood with many rejects, that can add to a substantial sum each month.


My point was some merchants offer a cash discount for the very reasons you stated.


Hi I recently had head gasket work done on my acura tl but since I have gotten my car back it’s been worse issues I never had upon trying to repair.
For instance now I have an oil light that’s on my dash that was never there but the mechanic states he got my car in this condition due to over heating the car. I’ve never seen that light on my dash and my car never really over heated.
Also when I drive it shuts off on me in traffic or if I try to do a sharp turn while backing in reverse etc. Have to accelerate on the gas for the engine to turn over. There is no pressure in my car from what the owners manual says. I did not know what the oil pressure light meant prior to reading the owners manual. I’m afraid I may have seized my engine.
Would this be the mechanic duty to fix this issue being that he returned my car to me in this state.


A red light on the dash can’t be any good, right? You continuing to drive the car with the warning light on relieves the repair shop from any liabilities, regardless of what they screwed up, if anything.

Based on your experience described in your other post, do you really want to take the car back to them?


I live next door to a small private shop that’s just 2 guys that only do Engine Rebuilds (I’ve seen some real beauties sitting in his bay :slight_smile: ) for private work and from local shops. He doesn’t accept credit cards. Cash or check only due to the fees and percentage take off from credit card machines (as mentioned a few times above). Fortunately, he’s always happy to give me a hand when I need help (like when one of the geniuses at the tire place cross-threaded one of my lug nuts, then refused to do anything about it when I took it back to have them remove it) since I don’t have a compressor at home. Always happy to give him a few bucks and a batch of home made brownies


Do you pay him with wampum?


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Nothing wrong with the grammar. See the period (.) ? Cash or check only… is in a separate sentence


Maybe that’s why I like cash so much and tend to carry excessive amounts. I dunno. I have had both debit cards declined at Walmart due to their computer issues before so I always like to be prepared with cash for the sake of the people behind me. Some years ago, in less flush times, I had car problems in a small town 200 miles away. I picked it up again a week later and went to pay the $400 bill with a credit card. “No we only take cash or check.” Borrowed from my wife.


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not everybody is as smart as you are.


I had some new docks put in at the cabins (perhaps I should say summer homes as my BIL refuses to stay in cabins but the main cabin is made of logs, for part of it)

Put it on my credit card, denied! Called them, "we knew you were not in MN, and being manually input we denied it. I added the dock company as approved vendor.

I decided just to use my debit card, did not know my bank has a $1,000 limit, even though I ran it through as a credit.

Paid the balance off with the credit card as the dock company was now an approved vendor.

So be careful using a debit card for >$1,000 purchases or car repairs.


I didn’t know I had a limit either until I called the bank and they told me I had a $200 daily cash limit and a $1500 purchase limit but said I could change it if I wanted. I know I’ve got some kind of limit on my credit union debit card but have no idea what it is and have never hit it yet.


Not sure what’s all involved with the credit card issue. It might be a credit card company rule that says if the customer pays using their credit card, the entire bill must be paid by credit card. Also not every credit card is alike in how the restrictions on the max amount limits work. I don’t think it is possible to further adjudicate the OP’s problem here without the benefit of the other side presenting their version of what happened. It sounds like the OP has a plan. Hopefully they’ll come back and tell us how it was all resolved.


No, you can pay partial amounts using gift cards or cash and the rest with a credit card it just takes more time.
It is no different than several people using their cards to settle their share of a restaurant bill.


It is probably a shop rule, if a customer is disappointed that a big job isn’t completed in 3 days, then on day 5 doesn’t have the money, he becomes a high risk-cash only customer.