2004 Toyota Sienna - Wrong fuel

About a year ago in my area, a tanker accidentally filled the gasoline tanks at a gas station with diesel fuel. The gas station repaired all affected vehicles. You might call that gas station and see if that’s what happened. You wouldn’t be the only one it happened to, so they will probably be aware of the problem.

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Yes, I already did that. The manager didn’t know anything about it. I called the town police department as well, and they hadn’t had any other reports either.

Depends on the mixture. 50% diesel/gasoline will run reasonably well as long as the engine is warm, after cooling off the engine will be difficult to start. Diesel fuel doesn’t atomize like gasoline so cold starts are difficult.

I have drained diesel fuel from many cars, there is no significant damage, sometimes the spark plugs are fouled.

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It didn’t cool off. I had been driving it over 100 miles when it suddenly stalled out.