2010 Subaru Forester started by itself!

My boyfriend and I just got done doing groceries and we’re closing up the car when it went and started by itself! The key was not in the ignition and the car shut off when I went in and pressed the brake. Any ideas (besides the obvious, possession)??

Someone activated the remote start, applying the brake terminates the remote start. Do you have a remote start transmitter on your key ring?

There is no remote start installed.

Have you owned this vehicle since it was new, or did you buy it as a used vehicle?

I owned a vehicle that offered remote start as an option. It was not listed on the window sticker as having been installed and the key fob did not have a button for it. One dark winter morning I discovered that I indeed had remote start when I inadvertently punched the lock button three times by mistake in quick succession. The engine fired up and it was a feature I continued to use as long as I owned the car.


@VDCdriver asks a good question. Even if you don’t use it or know that it’s installed, there could be one in there. Many, many years ago I installed an aftermarket remote starter. On day I took the wife to Ponderosa. I locked the car, and 2 cars over I heard someone else’s car lock. I pressed the start button on my fob and that other car started. I remotely turned it off and tried it several more times and I was starting and stopping someone else’s car. The point is you may have an aftermarket starter in there and it caught a random signal and it started from that.

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