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Car starting on its own

I have an 04 Hyundai Tiburon. Its been draining the battery during the day and trying to start itself in mornings or at night. I’ve been unhooking the battery at night but when I go to hook it back up it just turns itself on for afew mins then shuts off nd repeats the process every few mins. I removed starter relay and it clicked afew times like it was trying to start but couldnt without access to the starter. Put relay back in and opened the door and heard clicks like the key was turned to the 3rd position to start the car but wasn’t turning engine over yet. As far as I know there was never a remote start put into the vehicle but don’t know where to go to see if one was put in or where to look myself to find out. Also do not know how to geck the starter switch to see if thats the problem. I removed the switch and it looks clean nd doesn’t look like anything is wrong with it. Any ideas on what I should do next to find and fix the problem? Trying to not have to take it to a shop cause they will charge a lot of money for it and we are pretty tight on funds. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, but I think your best option is to take it to a shop that specializes in automotive electrical systems and have them remove the remote starter that you obviously have.

Are you using the original remote control to lock and unlock the doors? You may try got a replacement remote control for the doors as well as a remote starter button. Those things only run around $20-30 depending on where you buy them. Since they are self-learning you might be able to find out whether your car as a remote-starter. If it doesn’t you have a spare remote lock/unlock device…and still the same problem.

we have no fob at all. I got it figure out. It had a remote start hidden under the dashboard with what looked like another box attached to it like it was supposed to be hidden from anyone but those who knew exactly what they were looking for. But since I don’t know wiring on vehicles very well I missed it but was close.

Suggest to park it outside and away from buildings until you are sure the problem is solved.

Congratulations on getting it solved and sincere thanks for posting back. It’s always good to hear a happy ending.
Happy motoring.

I appreciate all the help and I’ve been keeping an eye on the vehicle to make sure no other problems arise. So far no problems save for a slightly slow start this morning like the battery was low. Again thank you guys so much