2004 Porsche Cayenne won't engage in fourth gear

My car is not engaging into fourth gear. It makes a lot of noise in the front suspension if you are going above 60km/hr. you wont go beyond this speed.

You need a trip to the service center right away before MORE damage is done. Bring money… LOTS of money. I’d guess transmission or transfer case or front axle trouble. Any or all may be involved and each will be expensive.


Proper spelling of Porsche when needing repair - ( POR$CHE ).

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Appropriately how much

OP, nobody can, over the internet, tell You how much. We can’t see, smell, touch or hear it so we can’t possibly know what is wrong with it.
We can tell You that a Porsche Cayenne - and the VW Tuareg, same car - is some of the most expensive cars made to maintain and repair. You are dealing with prices on par with Ferrari almost.
I’m in DK and here you can’t give them away and the cheapest way to get a Cayenne fix’ed here is to take it to a VW/Audi dealership. Mind you, in DK, they charge around 225 USD per hour for anything but the Tuareg/Cayenne. For those they charge in the region of 400 USD per hour. I’ve heard of one who had to fork over more than 2000 dollars just to get a new alternator in his V10 Tuareg.

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Exactly Mr. Asterix. So why do people keep asking that kind of question is beyond my comprehension .

This is the automotive equivalent of phoning your doctor, saying “I have a pain in my xxxxxx”, and expecting an accurate diagnosis.

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Now I can properly interpret the scene I used to observe in 2002 when VW dealer was across the place I lived in and for days some “unfortunate owner” was holding a self-made sign “My Tuareg is a LEMON!” in their front. Somebody from VW staff was regularly trying to persuade him to get lost, but not until it was the article in Washington Post and some attention from VW followed before he was gone.

Can’t speak to the other symptoms, but when a vehicle refuses to go as fast at it used to go, could possibly be a exhaust system obstruction (clogged cat for example), or a fuel system problem (faulty fuel pump). Could also be that the engine computer has detected a sensor reading problem and won’t allow excess speeds b/c it thinks it may be unsafe, or may damage the engine. If that’s the case they’ll be diagnostic codes stored in computer memory.