2009 Porsche Cayenne - problem vehicle?

Was told that the 2009 Porsche is a real PROBLEM vehicle and will cost owners a lot of money to drive and to maintain. Is this true?

That is true of any old European luxury vehicle . But if that is what you want have a Porsche specific shop look over one before you buy it.


It is not so much the reliability as it is the cost of repairs. A Cayenne has costly parts, huge expensive tires and brakes, a difficult to service engine and more… especially on a 12 year old vehicle.

Cheap Euro cars rarely turn out that way.


There are potential problems with these but if you get one that’s been maintained you’ll have a better time. Still potential for a $1,000 fix here and there. Mostly depends on what you’re used to maintaining. Video is for a 2010 base model but he does encourage buyers to shop smart and get the best one they can.

It depends on your definition of problem. For a daiiy driver yes a problem, for a weekend road fun car, not so much.

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One of the most reliable name of all German cars. Get it inspected first.

You’re looking at a high performance vehicle, overwhelmingly leased where people don’t give a hoot about maintenance or long term reliability and where repairs can only be done at high cost dealerships.

Then sold to people at discounted but still crazy prices to people who couldn’t afford the initial new car/leasing prices.

Problem? What problem?

Depends on what you consider to be a lot of money. It’s a reasonable expectation with any 11-12 year old European luxury vehicle, that you’ll probably have to part with $1000-$2000 a year in repairs in addition to the typical maintenance items (tires, brakes, etc.). If you think that’s an excessive amount of money, then you probably won’t enjoy the ownership experience that much.

One of the things that I’ve noticed when it comes to decade-old European luxury cars is that they are usually on their 3rd or 4th owners, and have nearly bottomed out in depreciation, making them attainable to people of ordinary means. But what they don’t realize is that the upkeep costs of a 10+ year old Porsche/BMW/Benz/Audi/Jag/etc. is about the same as a new one (often more). And the second a big ticket repair item comes up, the new owner isn’t going to fork over the cash for the repair due to the exorbitant (vs. say a 10+ year old toyota) cost. And the car is sold for next to nothing or junked.