2007 Camry LE

Hello! So basically when im driving in “D” Gear whenever I go above 80MPH on the highway, the car shakes a lot. We changed tires as well as pump them up, but this didn’t get removed. So now… whenever I know im gonna go in a highway and drive >=80mph, I switch to the “4” Gear which I assume is 4-wheel drive. But when I do this, car seems to have a louder sound. Is there any problem with this method, I would like to know beforehand. Thank you!!!

Is this a joke?

4-Gear is NOT 4wd. It’s 4th gear. The vehicle is a 5-speed automatic. Shifting to 4 means you’re not allowing vehicle to shift into over-drive (5th gear). The reason it’s louder is because the engine is revving higher due to the lower gear.


You may very well have suspension problems. Yes there is a problem with your method. I would suggest you find out what the 4 is, and bring this to a shop to get it looked at. It could also be torque converter problem.

No, your car is not 4WD. The car has a 5 speed automatic transmission. You shifting it to “4” means it won’t go past 4th gear into 5th.

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Does it not shake above 80 mph in 4th gear?

Did you mean 80 MPH or 80KPH? Are you in the U.S.?

Does it shake around 40MPH also but maybe less?

My first though is that the tires are not balanced, second is that you have a bent rim, third is that you need new struts.

+1 to all of the above, but the OP also REALLY needs to take his/her Owner’s Manual out of the glove box for perusal. If he/she doesn’t want to read all of the content, at the very least it is important to read the section pertaining to the shift lever, and what its various markings indicate.

Its 80MPH(Mile Per Hour)

I asked more than one question.

It doesnt shake above 80mph, or is unoticeable to me atleast. maybe a littttleee when im at like 90-95

OK , if this is not a joke thread Amanuel what are you doing driving that fast in a vehicle that has a vibration ? And you think you have all wheel drive. You need a good shop to look at this thing and also someone to explain the vehicle operation to you.

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Have you tried driving at 100-110 mph?
Perhaps all of your problems would disappear at that speed.

My guess is a wheel that’s not properly balanced, has lateral wobble, or out of round.

I doubt if it is wheel balance, that usually shows up at 55-60. I personally don’t care how fast someone else drives. If they are in front of me on a two lane road or blocking the left lane, I care how slow they drive.

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Driving in 4th gear causes the engine to run at a higher RPM. That alone will be noisier and it is possible the noise is masking the vibration, especially if the vibration is light.

When you said “changed tires”, did you mean new tires or did you mean that you rotated them to different positions, I.e. front tires to back and back tires to front? New tires would eliminate the issue of balance and out of round tires, unless you bought really cheap tires and didn’t have them balanced.

So now we are down to a host of other things. A car of this age should have had several sets of tires put on it, a couple of brake jobs etc. Older tire mounting equipment was bad about knocking the plane of the rim off from the plane of the hub so that the wheel would wobble going sown the road. A very slight wobble might not show up until you get to higher speeds, but unlike out of balance, it gets worse as you pick up speed where out of balance will smooth out as you gain speed.

The rims could be true but during one of the brake changes, something could get in between the rotor and the hub causing the rotor to wobble, and that will also cause the wheel to wobble. Then there is the possibility of a bad strut, marginal wheel bearing, maybe a control arm bushing or even just an alignment issue.

You don’t have to answer this but are you from Utah or Texas? Both of those states have 80 MPH speed limits and traffic moves along at 90-95 frequently. Love Utah for vacation BTW.

Just curious. How do Texas and Utah rate for automobile crash fatalities compared to other states?

Never been to Texas, But Utah was the only state I could legally outrun a Greyhound bus in my semi.

Sounds like above 80 there’s enough downforce to load whatever suspension component is making the car shake at lighter loads.

Have your suspension thoroughly gone over.