Need advice I know nothing



Okay so my friend has an o6 Porsche Cayenne that he said had an overheating problem due to water pump. It overheated and will no longer start. He does not know ow if the heads are blown, but wants to fix the car. Is it just easier and faster to just replace the engine and water pump.


Nothing ‘easy’ or ‘fast’ when it comes to a 12 year old Cayenne that has overheated. You’re probably better off not getting involved, except to say ‘take it to a GREAT Porsche mechanic’, and ‘it’ll probably cost more than the Cayenne is worth’.


That’s what I told him but he has an attachment to the car.


then he has to pony up a lot of money to get it fixed. His problem.

The exact repairs needed are unknown until this is checked over by a mechanic who is familiar with these cars. May just need a head gasket, but it sounds like he has major engine damage.


Please offer our condolences.


These are listed for up to $10,000 on, many sell for around $5,000 on Ebay, so I bet the repair costs will exceed the value.


Texas has the best advice. You do not want to get involved because this is a no win situation. Your repeating advice that you got from unknown people in the internet can only cause friendship problems.


i found an 05 cayenne with motor issues for 1700. the motor is fine until it is not. than it is very expensive to fix. used motors are about what you expect. 3k, 5k, 9k. depending on the sellers opinion. my BIL is replacing the motor on his BMW X5. because he likes bmw’s i guess.


Well I found a new engine for $2, 085.00 is that worth buying since he’s got the attachment to the car


You are asking the wrong people. The owner of the vehicle is the one to decide this plus is there an install fee and delivery charge ? What about warranty ? This sounds like it may not be a complete engine at that price.
The other thing is has it been determined that the present engine actually needs replaced or just repaired.


Where did u find a new motor for $2k?


I suspect that “new engine” is a misnomer and is quite likely a used one from the salvage or eBay.

If the vehicle were mine I’d run a dry and wet compression test to determine if the engine is actually fried.

Who knows? Maybe the overheating barbecued a crank sensor or some other comparatively minor component.


I would bet $100 that this $2000 engine is used. I can’t imagine a new or rebuilt Porsche engine, any model, any year, costing $2000.


I expect you already know that it isn’t possible for the posters here to know whether the existing engine is fixable or not. That requires the judgement of a Porsche-experienced mechanic with the car in their shop for the day. Assuming you find out the existing engine has been trashed beyond redemption, then the next question to ask is how many miles does this potential replacement engine have on it? It might be a great solution, for example, if it only has 40K miles, the exact same engine ID, and it came from a Cayenne totaled because of damage to a part of the car not containing the engine, and is the same model year and same drivetrain configuration as your friend’s car. One caution, when replacing engines, it’s pretty common from reports here to run into engine computer software compatibility problems. That’s why you should focus on buying a used engine from a wrecked car as similar as possible to the car you are fixing.