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2004 Grand Am won't Start after ignition work

After having the ignition apparently drilled and re-keyed because the ignition locked up, The car cranks but will not start. I checked for spark with a screw driver in the plug wire next to the coil but got no sparks. Previously, when turning the car off the key wouldn’t turn all the way off and release the key. Then, the other day the key wouldn’t turn at all when I tried to start it. As far as I can tell, there is no security key needed because I didn’t have a chip key and all the other keys I had made worked fine. So, why won’t the engine start now? HELP!

I’m not sure if there is a security system on your car but suspect there might be. If there is one and it is activated there may be a warning light in the dash to show it is activated. Check to see if there are any blown fuses and if the ignition system is getting power to it.

Try doing the relearn procedure for the Passlock system. Just turn the key to “run” (the position right before crank), do not crank the engine, and leave it there for ten minutes. After ten minutes, try starting the engine.

I will try that, However, the security light does not come on. I have checked the fuses and cannot find any that are blown. I will check back in after trying leaving the key on for ten minutes.

The key thing didn’t work. I disconnected the negative battery terminal to see if that will work. I am wondering if they damaged the ignition switch when they were drilling out the other part?

The proper procedure to reset the Passlock system is as follows:

  1. Turn ignition switch to ON with engine off.
  2. Try starting the engine. (engine won’t start)
  3. Allow ignition switch to return to the ON position for ten minutes.
  4. Turn ignition switch OFF.
  5. Try starting engine.


ok. I will give that a try. Be back soon.