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2004 Nissan Quest

Oil change shop is suggesting I get a complete fuel system flush. Is this necessary? 64000 miles on the vehicle and the engine seems to be running fine.

Not necessary now or ever. It’s nothing more than a wallet flush.

What oil change shop is this? Jiffy Lube or some clone? There are countless stories on here of places like that destroying engines…sometimes forgetting to refill oil, or draining transmission fluid thinking its oil and thus leading to an overfilled engine & a dry transmission

Tuffy’s. I am not sure if they are national or not but a local chain in Iowa. They usually do good work but I got a deal on 4 oil changes so they also try to sell me something else when I am in there. Just didn’t know about this one. Thanks.

If this is a Quickie lube place please stay away from it. You will be better of going to a real mechanic (not a chain but an owner operator). If not just do it yourself.

Fuel system flushes are never needed. It’s just a way that the owner can make a “boat payment”. That’s what we used to call unneeded maintenance.