Need an Engine Flush...Really?

I just got an oil change (about 5,000 mi since last one) and the guy recommended an engine flush because the oil looked a little grungy. He said that happens when you wait too long to get an oil change. He said to wait until the next oil change of course. Charge is $149 and includes the oil change.

1) Is this really necessary or is it an urban legend?

2) If it is necessary, is that a good price?

('99 Subaru Legacy sedan, 140K miles, no oil leaks)

Thank you!

No, it’s not. Is this one of those quick change chain places? You need to find a good local mechanic to do your normal maintenance.
There’s lots of detergent in the oil. The new oil will do a good job of cleaning up after the old oil.
They want to charge you $149 for something that cost them $20 to $30. That’s the only reason they want to do it.

I don’t think you need an oil flush. Do you add oil between changes? You may have meant that by you no leak comment, but it’s not clear. If you use no oil, then your mating surfaces are all in fine shape. If the oil does it’s job well, why would you mess with it? Spend the $149 on yourself or a good friend for the Holidays - not on some money-grubbing shyster mechanic.

That’s great news. I thought I remembered Click n Clack saying that it wasn’t necessary.

I would consider oil changes all the flush you need. A few years ago the words “engine flush” had yet to be spoken by human beings. Now its something on a list of new services to promote. Save your money for a good radiator flush at the right time.

I don’t need to add oil between changes. This is very good news because I don’t have $149!

I have 203K miles on my 1992 Buick Century. Many times I drove too many miles between oil changes. I never had to have it flushed.

Thanks so much you guys, you have no idea how relieved I am!

Google “the flushing of America” if you want to read more on this obnoxious practice. ABSOLUTELY unneeded for you.

Will do. Great Google phrase :smiley:

Does this apply to Transmission flushes as well?

It’s an automatic trans, if that makes a difference

That depends on what you mean by flush. If you mean drop the pan and clean/change the filter, then exchange all of the transmission fluid via the cooling lines with a special machine – then that is a good thing and should be done every so often. That is my opinion, some others here will disagree.
Either way, never get it done at a chain shop. Use an independent or a dealer.

The only thing that should be flushed as regular maintenance is the brakes. The should be flushed with each brake job for non ABS systems, every two years for ABS systems.

The only reason for flushing a transmission or radiator is if normal maintenance wasn’t done, and usually it’s too late when done.

No coolant flushes either?

If you want your car to last and be as little trouble as possible, you should have a coolant flush every three years or so.

Okay. This car’s gotta last. No other option for a long time!

the oil looked a little grungy.

That’s what all dirty oil looks like. Save your money.

LOL-- thanks!

Most car makers recommend changing the motor oil at 5,000 mile intervals. Business oriented dealers and shops will try to scare you into changing the motor oil at 3,000 mile intervals. Whose pocket-book should you be more concerned about? Theirs, or yours? (That’s an easy question, isn’t it?).
New motor oil is black five minuets after the first engine start. This is normal, AND OK.