Fuel system flush?

for a Honda Accord EX 1994 with 145,000 miles. On this forum and others, this service seems to be unnecessary. I’ve declined it 3 times but the recommendation is on my record. Desk staff keep pushing it when I come it for other service. Could the flush really be helpful?

Do you have any problems? Only might be worthwhile if you have fuel system problems. If not, then it’s a waste of money. They’re persistent, they want your money! What kind of place is recommending it?

Are you still taking a 15 year old car with 145,000 miles to the dealer? Find a good independent Honda mechanic and get away from these overpriced, nonsense-recommending fools right now. The fuel flush is not only unwarranted in your case, I suspect even recommending it is fraudulent. A fuel flush should only be used if there is a fueling problem that may be due to trash and deposits in the fuel system. These problems include hesitation, lean burning, lack of power, and constant stalling. If your car is not having problems like this, a fuel system flush is unnecessary. Do not take your car to these guys again.

All that proves is that shop is trying to take your money. Find a new shop. If it is a dealer, get out of there and find a good independent shop. You will save money. Just don’t go to a quick lube place.

The really bad part of this is maybe some day they will find something that does need to be done, but because you know they have been trying to oversell you, you might ignore it and end up damaging something or even causing an accident.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll keep my money and find a new mechanic.

This is basically a “wallet flush”.

Not to be confused with a coolant system flush which imho you are overdue!