Oil and Engine system cleaning

So, yesterday my roommate took his 1994 Honda Accord into the lube shop to get his oil changed. While he was there, they offered their deluxe service, which he accepted. They came back and told him they wanted to perform some fuel system cleaning and oil system cleaning. My question is this: what’s the effect of such cleaning and does it really benefit the car? Is it worth what they charge for it?

I would never buy such a service from a lube shop. They are infamous for the hard sell on these flush (your wallet) services. Are there times when such services are needed? Yes, but rarely, and it should be done in response to an observed issue, not at the insistence of a lube jockey.

I would never buy such a service from a lube shop.

I would never buy such a service…from a lube shop…dealer…or independent.

It’s a scam.

I agree. Here’s a good description of “The flushing of America”


That’s a great article.

The “services” you describe are profit generators for the business providing them, but do nothing for the person purchasing them, or for that person’s vehicle.

When you change the oil, you are, in effect, “cleaning” the inside of the engine. It doesn’t need any other cleaning.

Gasoline has fuel system detergents in it. No other fuel system cleaning is required.

The link to the story say to flush trans but everything I read says do not flush because it loosens trash and causes troubles.
Just drop and clean pan and screen if there is one.
Other than above I loved the story

Well, he says the machines don’t ‘flush’ the transmission, they just exchange the old for new. I don’t have a problem with that. But you’d probably be money ahead just doing the drop and clean twice as often, even though it only changes about half the fluid.