MOC Transmission System Flush

I have a Nissan Quest 2007 with 33,800 miles on it. I didn’t have enough money to spend on the 30k maintenance, so i asked my dealer which of the duties would be best to do. He stated to do the MOC Transmission System Flush would be the most important to do, so I did it and now reading the internet feel like I got had. Did I???

What does your manual say should be done? Dealers often over-sell. That said, a tranny drain and fill would be a good idea at 34k, so it depends how much they charged you for a MOC (whatever that means) flush.

You were had. You should have gotten a drain and fill only, no flush, and certainly no flush with MOC (a brand) detergents pumped into your transmission. Probably no harm was done other than to your wallet.