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2004 Nissan Quest - Stuck in park - What's my first move?

2004 Nissan Quest, gear stuck in park.

Most cars have a release tab at the base of the gear selector.You need to press it with a screwdriver to unlock.

That is true IF the gear selector is located on the center console.
If this vehicle has a column-mounted gear selector, your suggestion will not work.
Can the OP please clarify the location of his gear selector?

Lucky for him,this car has one.I just checked the photograph of the console.

So, in other words, he should just follow the directions that can be found in his Owner’s Manual.

Yes! Obviously the OP does not read his owner’s manual like we do.:wink:

The owners manual probably has instructions for this exact scenario.

The permanent solution requires repairing the mechanism that connects the brake pedal to the shifter.

I would revise your statement to read as… The Owner’s Manual undoubtedly has instructions for this exact scenario. If not, then eternal shame on Nissan!

OK, here I go again. If you want the Owners Manual, try

Look at page 5-9, page 215 of the pdf file you download, and it will tell you how to unlock the shifter.

Its unlikely the OP will return to post again.