Sticking gear shift

I have a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2,And the button on the gear shift is stuck,my car is now stuck in park,I hope that it isn’t the transmission?

Am I to understand that you’re unable to push the release button in?
Have you tried gently rocking the car?
Are you parked on a hill?

I’m parked in the garage and the release button is stuck.Thanx for replying.

You’ll need to get the vehicle to a shop to have the console disassembled and the mechanism repaired, but meanwhile look in the owner’s manual for an emergency release. These are built in to override the mechanism and allow the shofter to be moved through its opsitions when the gates are inoperative. That should get you in D so you can drive it to a shop.

Thanx, I’m glad that it’s not the tranny.