2004 Neon Transmission Will Not Shift

I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT with the automatic transmission. I started it this morning, but the shift lever will not move from Park. The button does NOT depress in order to move the lever. Is there something jammed in the shift assembly? Or possibly a problem with the brake interlock? Any suggestions would be helpful.

These issues are usually caused by a bad brake pedal switch which fails to tell the interlock that the brake pedal is pressed.

I’d look at the brake light switch first.

Also check the owner’s manual. There may be an override procedure to get you going.

If it is a brake light switch issue and you use the over ride in the manual you may still NOT have any brake lights. See if your brake light actually come on.

If you check the brake light switch and it is operational then you need to look to the actual shift-lock mechanism. The brake switch sends a signal to a small solenoid that moves a little lever of some kind out of the way of the button. Those mechanism can get gummed up or otherwise fail. The center shift console will need to come out to check it (which is why you check the brake switch first).