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Gear shift stuck

My gear shift keeps getting stuck, like when I first start my car and I sink the brake and press the button to shift, it wont’ move, it takes me a couple of tries. What can I or have I done?

Year, make, model and transmission type will be necessary to answer your question. I’m assuming you’re talking about an automatic, in which case it souds like the brake interlock is hanging up. Most cars have an override button or lever so you can disable the feature-- usually it’s under a little plastic tab near the shifter. To fix it right, somebody probably has to open up the shifter and adjust the linkage which, depending on what kind of car you’re talking about, could be pretty easy or very difficult.

Adjust or replace the switch that contacts the brake pedal under the dashboard. Simple, if you can reach it.

With some cars, you start in neutral and then can shift to D if the brake switch is broken. Do your brake lights work when this is happening?

1995 Toyota Avalon

So do I park my car in nuetral everytime I get out? Yes the brake lights work

i have a 96 avalon doing the same thing…what switch or widget fixed (hopefully) your problem? would appreciate any info that you have. thanks