2004 Mercury Sable Stuck in Park

After an all day heavy rain, my 2004 Mercury Sable would start but it was stuck in PARK. 3 Dashboard lights were lit prior to starting: Parking Brake Light, ABS light (both RED) and one other yellow light. Car starts and runs fine.

your brake lights may not be working. if they are not working you may need a brake light switch

Auto or manual transmission?  How many miles?  When it is  [i] Stuck in Park[/i] what exactly happens.  

 When stuck in park does turning the steering wheel left and right while trying to shift out of park help?  Make sure you have your foot on the brake when you test this.  Are you parked on a hill?  Is this the only time it has happened?

Auto Transmission.Turning the wheel left and right does not help. Not parked on hill. This is the first time this has happened. 40,000 miles.

Brake lights working.

All of your dash lights are supposed to come on before you start the car. So you’ll need to describe what, if anything, seems to be different at the moment.

If your brake light switch is working then the next thing to check is the brake interlock. The brake switch also sends a signal to a blocking device that won’t allow you to shift out of park if the brake isn’t depressed. That mechanism may either be sticking or lacking its power supply.

Hi mine just did that right after it rained at walmart idk why but its wired dose anyone have any suggtions

On my 95 Taurus there are 2 fuses involved wih this. Since your brake lights are working that fuse is fine.
Take a look at the fuse list in your owners manual. Is there a listing for a “shift lock actuator” fuse?