2004 Jeep Liberty seems to be falling apart



I swear there is something new wrong with my Jeep each day! One night while driving home, I heard and felt something odd in my rear passenger tire. It felt like running over something small like gravel and sounded much like when snow breaks loose and hits the wheel well. I then drove two more days with no problems. Then, I was driving to an interview and noticed a rhythmic squeaking from that wheel (going roughly 60 mph). I had no choice but to continue. After I slowed through a toll booth, the noise went away. One the return trip, I heard the squeaking, and then a soft clanging, almost like metal thumping into metal. Again, after slowing once, it went away. I could not see anything wrong, and the problem hasn’t repeated itself.

However, I took several short trips after this incident with no problem. Then today, I drove to work in stop and go traffic and all day it seemed as if the car did not want to shift gears. I drive manual transmission, and on several occasions, it almost felt as if the car was trying to spit the stick back out of gear instead of getting into gear. What is going on??? I’m unemployed and too scared to take it in and get charged an arm and a leg! I have no warning lights, and just recently (within last 200 miles) got the oil changed…


You have no warning lights because there is no system that monitors the drivetrain. Only those things related to emissions and safety systems (brakes & airbag primarily) are monitored.

I’m afraid this will have to go to the shop. My first thoughts were a brake indicator or perhaps a bent dust shield, but if it’s popping out of gear it points pretty squarely at the tranny…or perhaps a tranny mount, which I’m hoping for.

Sorry. I hope it’s just a mount.


Another possibility is a bad universal joint in the driveshaft. Have your mechanic check for that, a bad trans mount, and whatever else he can come up with on his own.

I empathize with you over your financial situation, but if you continue to drive it without finding and fixing the problem, the ultimate repair bill will only get higher and you might wind up being stranded, thus giving you much bigger problems.


Be sure to take it someplace other than the Jeep dealer if you do not want to be charged an arm & leg.


You have to have a mechanic take a look at it because the symptoms are likely part of the same problem and it could be serious.


I know this has no bearing on the trans trouble-are the wheels torqued correctly?(are they loose?)-Kevin


Thanks everyone. I have it scheduled to see the dealer and have also contacted an independent mechanic so I can compare costs. I appreciate the ideas so I know what to ask about. As a young female, I’m especially wary of being taken advantage of!


Not sure about that, but I will ask!


OK Everyone… the dealer told me I need to replace my clutch at an estimated cost of $1800 for parts and labor. He also says there is potential for one other part at $450. This seems pretty high to me. Of course, I’m new to the area, don’t know mechanics, and I’m nervous to drive the car much further. I live in Alexandria, VA. One mechanic I contacted thought the estimate sounds correct. Another said they almost always beat the dealer’s price, but of course, I would have to drive my car over there and have them take a look (which could result in the same estimate!). Thoughts?


The price for a clutch job sounds awfully high to me unless the hourly flat rate labor charges in VA are just through the roof.

Not to mention this 450 dollar mystery part which on a wild guess I would say is a flywheel? Even that is a bit pricy.